Gatti Luxury more than a production house

Our story is nothing short of incredible.

We weren’t supposed to be craftsmen…

The craftsmanship found us and it was love at first sight. Our father was a police officer on duty when he found
a strange bag on the floor in front of the police station.
To his surprise what looked like an empty bag,
was full of jewels!

Rubins… Diamonds…

You name it, it was in that bag..Our father could easily keep the bag for himself, make loads of money and forget about revealing it…But he was an honest man that found the owner of the bag and handed over the jewelry. The owner was a famous goldsmith that spent time with our family, he decided to give us an opportunity after our father’s goodwill. He helped our family to open the first jewelry shop and supported one of us, Roberto, to enroll in a goldsmith school, in Valenza. With the entrepreneurial spirit and talent of our beloved mother who was a self-made woman helping the family by making door-to-door sales in the 80’s,
the business has made big success with the jewelry shop. It was the beginning of our story.
Now 45 years later we lead the field as innovators…

Why iPhone covers then?

And now we’re back with a unique challenge that will give your style the flair you’ve been searching for so long..
Why iPhone covers then?
Because your phone is an extension of yourself. You always have it with you, and it’s time to have covers that showcase your unique style and personality. We couldn’t stand cheap, poorly designed plastic covers. So we provided a solution that you can use at all times with style.